Pilot and flight planning information



Runway 31/13: 3508' x 75'

Runway 03/21 (Turf): 2666' x 50'

              No winter maintenance on runway 03/21

Procedures and Notes

Right hand circuits on 13 and 21

Drainage ditch west of taxiway B

Runway 03 threshold displaced by 365

Communications and Lighting

ATF: 122.725Mhz, 5nm, 3900' ASL Unicom limited hours 

ARCAL (K) on 122.725Mhz

Beacon light inop after 1100z (1200z)


CANPASS Airport entry and exit; call (888) 226-7277 between 14-22z (DT 13-21z) 

Monday-Friday, exc. holidays


Days Inn and Suites (705)-328- 0100 

Admiral Inn 1-(866)-328-1743

Kawartha Lakes Inn 1-(800)-268-2278

Lindsay Inn 1-(800)-917-3600